Granting Apps Access, what exactly do they need it for?


Real question, How much permission is too much?
It’s not just OK to be digitally savvy, you also need to be #DigitalAware. Don’t swallow everything that your phone and favorite apps throw your way. With recent happenings, it is normal to start questioning these actions and look at the possible big picture.
Apps tend to ask for access to enable them perform their task effectively.
My fitness app wants to read my SMS, why?
My favorite game wants SMS and location access, for what exactly?

Just while I was still questioning these apps, a few hours later someone makes a similar post on twitter.
A banking app that needs access to SMS (OK let’s assume this is for verification code purposes), to make phone calls (but why?), access to camera and photos (to do what with it).

(image from @SandisterTei via Twitter)

We could give this particular banking app some credit But we use a lot of apps (a Good number are untrusted) these days and yes we have the power to determine how we grant access. But the truth is do we really read before we “Allow" or we just click away?
and some of these Apps are really very persistent. You might just end up granting access to “let peace reign"
It could be that the App was poorly designed and it could be that they are actually *** in on your info?
Yes there is GDPR but you clicked “Allow"ߤ¢
Really, you should start to give your actions some thoughts. What access are you granting this app And why?

PS: I know some people may think am overly paranoid but the lecture on the power of personal data will happen another day.