How much information is Too Much Information (TMI)?


Hiya Everyone.

Recently i have been talking about User privacy and stuff. But then if i don’t post what i do online how do i get to connect with other people? So the question now is How much information is too much information?

We practically live all of our lives online these days, with wanting to make our friends know where we live, where we have lunch on the weekdays and weekends, where we work, the location of your next holiday, what you do to relax, the kind of paper work you deal with at the office and all that.

How do you determine how much information is too much information? Here are a few things i practice in considering what to post online:

  1. Do not post what you don’t want someone else to see.
    It might be a phrase or a sentence or a picture. Do not post what will make someone question you or what you are not comfortable discussing with someone else.
    We all goof one way or the other, do you want your boss to know you decided to sleep in a few hours because you are tired of the job, However, you called in sick at the office today?
  2. Think about the Security implication of the information you are about to make available to the public
  3. Do you have power over who can view the information you make available online.
    For example, on your Facebook profile, who gets to see what you post? Do you use privacy settings?
  4. What measures do you take when using location services? Do you share your location at all times or just when necessary?
  5. Who do you trust with your information? Do you know what the social networking site you use does with your information? Have you read the terms and conditions? Are you also aware that they do not owe you any legal obligation to notify you when they want to make use of your information?
    You shouldn’t trust them 100% to make all your information available to them. Only give them what is necessary.

So really in your own perspective, How much information is Too Much Information (TMI)?


@CyberWura great thoughts on privacy there. IMO, I think TMI should be seen under two headings- personal and work. Well, an individual should be reasonable and responsible enough to know if he is saying just too much on social media and curb it! But for work, I think information should be classified, say like public, office knowledge, top secret kinda, and employees should adhere


Every type of information is important for someone with malicious intent, which you may think is harmless.
What can be done with such information should be the consideration.
Mind you, your perspective is totally different from someone with malicious intent.


That’s a very good perspective you know. However, whatever is work related really shouldn’t be found anywhere on your profile on social media. Even if it is a public document in the office.
We need to stop feeling like we owe the online community every bit of info