My Adware Experience


While trying to setup my laptop after a format operation, I was eager to download all necessary software that will kickstart me to work (you know as per security analyst). Started downloading from various unknown sources, different application (cracked version though), unknowingly one of the software has an adware embedded in its installation files. So this how my adware experience started.

According to BankVault adware is used to describe programs that personalize and display advertisements on your computer via your web browser an through free apps or software programs. In addition, much adware today also does things like collect usage data for online marketing purposes (via web beacons) and redirect your search requests to advertising-heavy websites.”

Unfortunately, this particular type of adware, the code is actually stored deep within the computer which involves extensive modifications to remove it. It automatically sync with your default browser such that it keeps opening new tab on the browser while you are working thereby disrupting your work flow. It’s so bad that once you close the browser it pops up again and continuously keep opening tab. I started making research because the adware was not only disturbing me (time consuming), it was also utilizing more memory power making the PC slow (resource intensive).

From my search, had to deploy antivirus, navigate down to registry editor and delete unnecessary folders in the tree, uninstall the various softwares I had installed, still yet adware was still my system.
But eventually I got it resolve

Simple tips…

  1. Do not download software from unknown / untrusted source
  2. Uninstall malicious programs
  3. Block pop up in your browsers
  4. Locate unwanted plugin or extension in browser and delete them
  5. Adware removal programs
  6. Use antimalware/antivirus NB: paid version of this software will tackle adware fasts


nice, i found this article helpful.