Ocean 8: Cyber Security Lessons from the movie


The movie really caught my attention when I saw @badgirlriri takes the role of a hacker (9-ball), just like Kira in the movie Anonymous(Hacker). I think I like it more when I see females show their skill of exploitation, it makes the ITSec world catchy :joy::joy:….

I just hope this is not spoiler alert for my folks that haven’t seen the movie, Ocean8. The plot of the movie tells us about some ladies groupie to pull off the heist of the century at New York City’s star-studded annual Met Gala. Go and Watch it.,…

But the movies address some cybersecurity issues…
1. Human is the weakest link for a security breach
2. New emerging threat and Antivirus won’t protect you
3. No blind spot please, as regard CCTV
4. Hackers can fool you, nobody knows what they want
5. Feel Free to add yours………


eiiiiiiiish. I need to go watch this movie again :grinning:


Is there a possibility of getting the download link? Would really appreciate


Enjoy bro…