Poem - Cyber Security!


beautiful lines of words expressing cyber security…just to let you know, today is #privacyDay :star_struck:

Cyber Security?
Protected: The Minority,
Affected: The Majority,
Neglected: A Child’s Vanity.

Cyber Crime?
It is no less than an Anime,
Not just aimed for a Dime,
Impersonation, will be a matter of Time.

It’s neither an Alphabet nor a Line,
Elaboration would take a lot of Time,
I expect it’d be worth a While.

Though Phishing consists of an Email,
Vishing SmiShing gets Favour in a Reflex,
Spams and Scams are Eligible for the Rest.

Cyber Criminal?
The techniques used are Minimal,
Defence from him isn’t Formidable,
You just need to stay Practical.

Intentions: Prosperity!
I have that Curiosity,
To change the Generosity,
Of Cyber Crime’s Sinuosity.

Cyber Security!
Still Unsafe? Why?
The Onus Of Surety Against Crime,
For Yourself, Under You, it does Lie.

—Mayank Aneja


Well-done… Profound


Didn’t know poetry could find its way into Cyber Security :star_struck::joy:


When I heard about it myself, I was blown away even before reading the poem itself.


Please I need two cases that cyber crime act has successfully prosecuted in Nigeria. please its urgent for my project