#TechSAFETYtip ( Any thoughts)


POS terminals are everywhere. From restaurants to market stalls. From schools to churches. Even saw one at a roadside palm oil shack while driving from Benin once. A lot of us are either zoned out or zoning out of cash transactions.
When next you’re using a POS device and you’re asked to select your account type, please don’t say SAVINGS or CURRENT. Always choose DEFAULT.
Here’s why. It makes it harder for anybody hacking a specific POS terminal to access your precious account funds if your account type hasn’t been selected on it. Note I said harder, not impossible.
Will your transaction still be processed? YES. The terminal automatically scans your debit card and decodes your account type without leaving a computer trail of what account type it is on the device, hence practically guaranteeing your card’s anonymity.
Please be security conscious out there as you spend. I hope to be doing this regularly.


Nice tip. Thanks for sharing.