Welcome to SafeOnline Forum


The SafeOnline forum is for anyone who uses the internet, to learn simple steps to protect their privacy online, to secure the integrity of their web properties and to respond in the event of malicious attacks.

We created this community as a way of fostering collaboration and co-creation among digital security enthusiasts, and people who are conscious about their digital security.

The community provides:

  • access to local online security experts
  • realtime assistance to members under threat
  • wide access to information, links, resources, etc

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Ground Rules

Nothing rigid, just common sense.

Be kind
Don’t be rude (no personal attacks)
No advert placements​
Don’t post personal details of others. UNLESS you get permission from the person
Have fun

If you’re not sure what to post…

A few ideas for your first post

  1. Introduce yourself and what you do OR
  2. Post a link and excerpt to something you’ve read recently that was interesting to you.

The full guidelines are here. Please read them at your convenience.

Ok, then have fun!