Your Due Diligence to your organization as an IT expert


Hola Holaa,
So I was privileged to be at an event for Information Technology (IT) security professionals. Of the many conversations we had, one that struck me was that of an IT expert in attendance who happens to be the IT team lead at his organization. This is an organization that deals with a lot of data.
Activities at the event freaked him. More interesting was how he was amused that someone could actually hack into his organizations database and tamper with valuable information.
At first I thought he was messing around with our head but eventually it dawned on me he was actually serious. I was puzzled because; first, he claimed to be the team lead.
Secondly, this is an organization that is expected to have a proper IT security policy.
One of the questions I kept asking myself was how he got to the position of the lead. But then again this is Nigeria.
How is it that an IT expert is ignorant to basic IT issues?
Speaking generally, you owe your organization the responsibility of having an idea about basic issues your organization is liable to even if you do not have in-depth knowledge.
When you occupy an IT position, a lot of organizational processes can be crippled by your ignorance.
It’s not really about the title but how far are you willing to go to learn to serve your organization in the capacity that you have been appointed

So what do you think an IT Security personnel should know?